Banking and Finance Capabilities

What should you expect?
You require deep industry and technology product knowledge. You need talented technology professionals that come to the table with a proven level of success. Whether you work with them long-term or on-demand, there should be a clear exit strategy. You should be involved throughout, but not burdened. And, you should expect the resource cost to equate with the experience you receive as opposed to paying for a brand name.

The Softworld Expectation
We are Softworld Banking and Finance. Our team comes from the banking and finance industry with decades of experience serving both the industry and its specific technology. We are up-to-date on the rules and regulations you are supporting, as well as the need to be able to take on unplanned and unbudgeted projects quickly and efficiently. Whether you are modernizing systems or you are acquiring a new entity, we have the knowledge and technology professionals to support you. The support options chart paints a story that you are all too familiar with and our practice was built to support your specific needs. Expect to see the Softworld difference.

Our Capabilities

Core Systems, click here
  • Upgrades and Conversions

  • Integrations

  • Reduce Reliance on Vendor

Mergers & Acquisitions, click here
  • Data Mapping And Data Quality Verification

  • Data Migration

  • Application Replacement and Integration

  • System Testing

Program Management / Project Management, click here
  • Risk Mitigation

  • Resource Management

  • Deliverable Tracking

  • Documentation

  • Executive Communication
Delivery Channels, click here
  • Teller Platforms

  • Web Banking

  • Mobile Banking
  • Sales / Service

  • CRM

Digital Banking Transformation / Implementation, click here
  • Web Banking

  • Mobile Banking

  • Self Service
  • Security

  • Mobile Paymenst

  • Digital and Social Selling

  • Customer Rewards Programs

Regulatory & Compliance, click here
  • Vendor Compliance

  • OCC Audit Readiness

Cyber Security, click here
  • Internet Access Management

  • Investigations

  • Audit

  • Process Improvement



Delivery Models Include:

Staffing We provide you with talented individuals or teams of people with the right technology and industry knowledge.
Project Let us help scope the project with you and build the team to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Our practice is built on the concept that you need fast results and need self-sufficient intelligent professionals and solutions that have been time tested. Others say these things and sadly, you know they don’t mean it. We are determined to prove different. Let us show you the Softworld difference. Judge us, and judge everyone else.

IT Recruiter

Let us show you the Softworld difference.