Assessing Your Technology Candidates


By Lindsay Simpson, Recruiting Manager

Kudos! You are looking at the resumes of the candidates that your IT staffing firm sent you. Your IT recruiter has gone through the innumerous applicants and they sent you the ones who match your business needs. How do you ensure that you have received the best talent? Do your candidates really meet your requirements, or are you just holding a stack of papers with names and dates? Instead of taking guesses and hoping for miracles, take a look at the tips below on how to assess your technology candidates and make their technology career a part of your organization.

Their Goals
When you have an opening, you need to find the right technology candidate who is able to fulfill the specific requirements and meet the expectations of the position. The last thing you want is candidates who care only about their paycheck. When looking at the resumes of your applicants, try to make sense of their technology career aspirations and their past professional accomplishments. During the interview, ask them about their goals and what is important to them in regards to the position you are offering. Are they on the same page with you? Do they see your offer as an opportunity for success? Work with an IT staffing firm that pre-screens candidates based on your needs.

On The Same Page
If your candidate doesn’t understand your business needs, how do you expect them to tackle them? During the interview process, pose questions to your candidates to verify that they fully understand the demands and expectations of the opening. Have they done their homework and found out more about the job and your organization, or are they applying to a position that doesn’t really reflect their technology career? A reputable IT staffing firm fully comprehends your requirements before sending applicants your way. They assess your technology candidates and they ensure that you are choosing from only from the best talent.

Let the References Speak
No matter how strong a resume and a cover letter are, they still don’t provide the guarantee that you have the right candidate in front of you. A resume doesn’t fully portray professional achievements, nor is it going to verify how much expertise someone holds despite the effort they put behind writing it. How do you make sure that you sufficiently assess your technology candidates and get a deeper understanding of their technology career value? References are a great testimonial of an applicant’s experience. A reliable IT recruiter knows that and makes sure that they provide references for the candidates they submit to you, even before you ask.

Online Resume
A great way to assess your technology candidates is by checking whether their resume matches up with their online resume on LinkedIn. Go on LinkedIn and take a look at the most recent roles your applicant held in previous positions. Assess how these relate to the position you are offering. Read the summary about their career expertise and their ability to fulfill technology needs. Do they have real examples of their technical capabilities and accomplishments? Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals who share common interests and goals. With that said, check out how active your applicants are and what groups they are interacting in. Do they list any recommendations that speak to their expertise? Use LinkedIn to your advantage.

Filling the Gap
Perfection doesn’t exist. With that said, it is very likely that your technology candidates have gaps in their technology career or they have missing skills that decrease the chances of you hiring them. Don’t make quick decisions. Further assess your technology candidates by asking them to explain those gaps or missing qualifications. Were they out of the employment world because they were working on sharpening their technology skills? Do they have qualifications that outmatch their missing skills? Are they familiar with similar technologies and tools? A committed IT staffing firm is going to send you applicants that have already been thoroughly screened and are capable of meeting your needs.

Key Takeaways to Assessing Your Technology Candidates:

  • Make sure that your candidates share the same values and goals with you
  • It is important that your applicants fully understand your business needs
  • Ask for references that help you assess the capabilities of your applicants
  • Check the LinkedIn profile of your candidate and verify that it matches up with their resume
  • Ask your candidates about gaps or missing qualifications, and see how they address them

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