Benefits to Creating a LinkedIn Profile


By, Patrick Dean, Sr. Delivery Manager

Whether you are a recent graduate or a top executive, creating a professionally written LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity to open new doors and network within or outside of your industry. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, LinkedIn is a business focused networking service that one creates once they have established professional experience. It’s a place where recruiters and hiring managers go to both find candidates and look deeper into their past experiences.

A LinkedIn profile is an extension of your resume and is simply something no professional should be without.

First Impression
In many cases, your LinkedIn profile is the first information that a potential employer would be evaluating. When it comes time to creating a LinkedIn profile, it’s important to build a complete profile in order to make the right first impression. For example, once a technology recruiter has found your resume, they are most likely going to then pull up your LinkedIn profile to see more of your professional and educational background as well as what groups you have joined. Your LinkedIn profile gives recruiters and hiring managers a chance to see more than what is just on your resume.

Build Your Online Brand
One of the top benefits to creating a LinkedIn profile is the fact that you are creating a professional online brand for yourself. Who are you as a professional? What groups do you belong to?  Who do you follow?  What groups do you belong to?  Do you have any common connections with the manager? Building an online brand for yourself is especially important for those who have chosen a career path in IT Consulting as you need to demonstrate that you are active in the IT community and staying up to date with the latest technologies. When you create a LinkedIn profile you are leaving behind your Internet footprint for employers to track.

Join Online Groups/Discussions
There have been hundreds of groups and thousands of discussions created for professionals on LinkedIn. There are groups pertaining to specific industries and there are discussions for specific industry trends. You are able to join groups and discussions that pertain to your skills and industry, but LinkedIn also provides the opportunity for groups to find you and enhance your professional experience. Joining new discussions or groups on LinkedIn opens new professional doors for you that you hadn’t thought of before.

Networking Opportunities
One of the greatest aspects of LinkedIn is its networking potential. Just like other social media sites, LinkedIn is a networking site, but one designed specifically for professionals. By creating a LinkedIn profile, you are able to search various companies and professionals and connect with them. Being able to search competitors or make new industry connections is key to enhancing your career in today’s market.

Build Your Online Credibility
Another benefit to creating a LinkedIn profile is building your online credibility. LinkedIn provides a tool that allows you to request and post recommendations from other LinkedIn users who have worked with you professionally. By being able to post and receive recommendations from past peers or employers, your credibility increases via third-party endorsements. When a recruiter or hiring manager searches for you on LinkedIn, your established online credibility is perceived as a positive attribute.

Key Benefits to Creating a LinkedIn Profile:

  • Often times your LinkedIn profile is a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s first professional impression of you
  • Building a LinkedIn profile provides you with an opportunity to create your own professional online brand
  • Joining groups and discussions opens up doors for you that you didn’t know existed and provides you with the latest industry trends
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile allows you to network with other industry professionals
  • LinkedIn tools such as exchanging recommendations with past employers and co-workers builds your online credibility

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