Coming Across Your Next Life Sciences Opportunity


By Colin Izzo, Life Sciences Sourcer/Recruiter

Attention! The life sciences industry is blooming. Are you ready to ride along? How do you position yourself to the industry’s advancement? Are you prepared to become part of it or you are going to be a bystander who misses great potential for career success? Like a garden that requires patient labor and attention in order to flourish, your professional growth requires thorough planning and preparation. Take a look at the advice below on how to ensure you come across your next life sciences opportunity.

Be Selective
In an effort to come across your next life sciences opportunity, chances are that you are applying to every opening that looks promising. Avoid over applying and stick to what matches your profile and adds value to your background. When a new position is brought to your attention, carefully consider its merits before making your decision. Not every opportunity is a suitable one. Make a list of positions and organizations that are of interest to you, and concentrate your efforts around them. When it comes to quality over quantity, always go for quality.

Do Yourself a Favor
Looking for your next life sciences opportunity is not an easy task. Choosing the best option is even harder. Why don’t you do yourself a favor, and reach out to a life sciences recruiter for counseling and great opportunities? Keep in mind that a life sciences recruiter spends the majority of their time matching the right candidate with the right life sciences opportunity. With that said, they have the expertise required to locate ideal positions and coach you on how to fulfill your career aspirations. Be careful to work with the right partner, and not one who pumps up your resume and attempts to sell you on positions that do not match your identified career goals.

Weave Your Web
It goes without saying that when trying to make a change in your career or land a new position, your network of contacts is an invaluable resource. Do you have a professional web in place? Do you keep open channels of communication with former employers, coworkers and industry fellows? When was the last time that you talked to your life sciences recruiter? Don’t wait to be in your time of need to reach out to your connections and ask for assistance and directions. Be proactive and maintain strong relationships that are going to help you to come across a life sciences opportunity.

Define and Conquer
The more proficient you are in what you do, the more you increase the chances of finding the right opportunity. Being a generalist, especially in the life sciences industry, is definitely not the way to go. From drug development, to clinical trial, to regulatory, it is important that you are competent and seen as an expert in the field. Think of yourself as a life sciences consultant whose specific life sciences skills must always be kept sharp. Obtain degrees, certifications and attend training programs that give you superiority over other candidates, and help you to establish yourself as an expert.

In your pursuit of the next life sciences opportunity, don’t make the mistake of solely going after contract positions, or contract-to-hire positions, or direct hire positions. Instead, go after openings that strengthen your life sciences skills and allow you to grow. Keep in mind that each position has specific requirements. Try to identify how your capabilities meet these demands and how they enable you to grow your expertise. In other words, don’t insist on one particular type of employment instead of looking at the value that an opportunity adds to your portfolio.  

Key Takeaways to Coming Across Your Next Life Sciences Opportunity:

  • Be selective about the projects you work on and choose quality over quantity
  • Team up with a life sciences recruiter to locate relevant opportunities
  • Work on expanding and maintaining your network of contacts
  • Specialize in your field in order to be seen as an expert and land positions that fit your profile
  • Accept positions that add to your portfolio, regardless of the nature of employment

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