Controlling the Dynamics of the Job Market


By Drew Santos, Delivery Manager

Finally! The technology job market is picking up and creating great potential for professional growth and success. Did you just earn your technology degree and are about to enter the professional world? Are you thinking of changing careers? Are you coming back from an unemployment period? Regardless of whether you are fresh out of college or you are transitioning from your already established professional path, it is important to control the dynamics of the job market to your advantage. Take a look at the factors below on how to get ready before going into the job market.

Prepare for Battle
Bolstering your technology career requires going into the job market as prepared and up-to-date as possible. Start with a thorough assessment of your technology skills and capabilities. Do you have something in your resume that makes your skillset unique and helps you to stand out from the crowd? Did you study technologies or tools that give you a great starting point? Do you have the necessary proficiency to change careers? Did you take any online course or attend a training class that helped keep your competencies sharp between your employment gap? Showing the hiring manager or the IT recruiter how you have interacted with technology works to your benefit and allows you to be chosen among other candidates.

Practice If You Can
You apply for a position and you need to demonstrate that you have the credentials to be the right match and an asset for the organization you wish to join. Nothing is going to catch the eye and excite an IT recruiter or a potential manager more than real signs of your activity within the community. Accept an internship or a co-op while earning your degree. Work for a startup that adds to your technology skills. Contribute to open sources that help you hone your skills and in general do things that are relevant to your field and facilitate your effort of going into the job market.

Present Yourself Properly
First impressions matter. You apply for a job by submitting your resume. Obviously, you are not the only candidate and most likely the hiring manager or IT recruiter wants to know more about your technology background. The number one way they are going to do so is by visiting your LinkedIn profile in order to look for more details. Do you have endorsements and recommendations from previous employers and coworkers? Have you done any co-ops or internships during your summer break from college? How about your Facebook account? Do you have a prudent online presence or do you leave room for doubt about your cultural fit?

Don’t Leave IT to Luck
The technology job market is in a boom, offering many opportunities to IT professionals with different sets of technology skills and expertise; however, that doesn’t mean in any way that going into the job market is less arduous or that it requires less effort. Simply emailing your resume won’t do it. A great way to increase your chances of success is by investing into your networking efforts. Look for networking groups that reflect your technology and career interests, (use and similar sites), and attend events where you are able to meet individuals or be exposed to opportunities that boost your technology career.  

Make IT Your Habit
It’s definitely optimistic to believe that miracles happen, but when it comes to going into the job market you need a tangible, tactical plan of action. Don’t wait for your graduation day to start thinking about your next technology career steps. Don’t wait to sharpen your technology skills just before setting off for a new opportunity. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is always professionally structured and up-to-date. Devote time to prepare your entry or reentry in the market by making sure that you give a clear and current picture of your background and experience.

Key Takeaways to Controlling the Dynamics of the Job Market:

  • Be interactive with technology and build a unique skillset that helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Demonstrate how active you have been within the community with tangible examples
  • Make sure that your online profile is professional and up-to-date
  • Use networking to increase your success when going into the job market
  • Ensure that you devote enough time and energy into giving a clear and current picture of your background and experience   

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