Engineering Your Career Success


By Michaella Walsh, Delivery Manager

You know it better than anyone; your professional decisions significantly affect the direction of your career path. The more carefully you consider these decisions, the more horizons you open which results in a sturdier foundation for your professional future. How do you determine if an opportunity is right for you? Do you have a way of acknowledging where there is potential for growth? Do you apply to every opening you come across, or do you pick and choose based on what really fits you? In order to make the proper calls and boost your engineering career, take a look at the following factors.

Know Your Shadow
Being a chemical engineer, a civil engineer, a mechanical engineer, means that you have specific engineering skills and strengths. What are you good at? Does your job offer you the ability to face new challenges and become better in what you do? Are you on the same page with the organization’s goals or do you feel like you have nothing else to bring to the table? Understanding what motivates you is crucial in making the right decisions that serve to boost your engineering career. Comprehend your capabilities and define your incentives before you make your next move to ensure that you set yourself up for success.

Coach Yourself
Making a new start after holding a position for a long time entails unforeseen difficulties. Entering the market is not only about applying to jobs. You need to make educated choices that add to your engineering value. How do you make sure that you have the best picture of what is going on out there? From contract, to contract-to-hire, to direct hire positions, it is important to consult with an engineering recruiter. Take advantage of their deep industry knowledge and their strong relationships in the market to land opportunities that not only match your engineering skills but also boost your engineering career.

Stay Connected
As an engineer you know it firsthand; sharp engineering skills are the key to new professional opportunities. In a constantly evolving industry, you simply can’t afford to stay behind. You must stay current with the industry trends and do everything possible to keep you ahead of the game. Read blogs from industry leaders, join online forum discussions, attend industry conferences, be active and interact on social media, take training classes and obtain certifications. Talk to your engineering recruiter about what actions you need to take in order to stay connected and up-to-date with your industry.

Make the Match
It is only a matter of time before you are going to have to choose between projects that are short and easy, and positions that really put your engineering skills to test. When it comes to your professional development, you need to keep in mind that difficult tasks must take priority. If you find an interesting opportunity but realize that your skills are not a perfect fit, go ahead and apply for it. During the recruitment process, talk about how you intend to meet those specific needs as well as what actions you are going to take to ensure your success.

Structure Your Success
Being an engineer you appreciate the importance of structure. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that of all the actions above are going to be effective and efficient only if they are performed in a concerted and systematic way. Don’t wait until you are unemployed to boost your engineering career. Be proactive and coordinate your career growth efforts with your engineering recruiter, as they have the expertise to guide you to professional prosperity.

Key Takeaways to Engineering Your Career Success:

  • You career success necessitates that you know your professional strengths and career incentives before making career decisions
  • Reach out to an engineering recruiter and tap into their industry knowledge and insight
  • In order to boost your engineering career, you need to be active within and aware of the industry trends
  • Be selective about the opportunities you put under your career belt
  • Your career development requires a coordinated and well thought-out action plan

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