Engineers: This Is How You Grab Attention


By Chris Simms, Senior Solutions Manager

It’s not news; you are not the only applicant for the job. Many other candidates have submitted their credentials, hoping to land the position you are interested in. How do you make sure that your resume is the one that grabs the attention of the hiring manager? Are you confident that during your interview you are going to present your engineering skills in a way that clearly shows you are the right match for the job? As an engineer or an engineering consultant, you have a small window of opportunity to call attention to your engineering capabilities. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer, and answer the tough questions before they are even asked.

The First Impression
When you meet and network with people, you give them your business card to help them remember who you are and what you do. When you apply for a job, you submit your resume to let them know about your engineering skills. Think of your resume as your business card. It has to contain all of your information and demonstrate how your capabilities match with the client’s requirements. Regardless of whether you are an engineering consultant or a full time employee, be sure that you describe in detail the responsibilities and achievements of each position you held. Give a snapshot of your qualifications and call attention to your engineering capabilities rather than giving a vague report of your career or a laundry list of skills.

Your Arsenal
As an engineer you have certain capabilities and strengths that apply to positions you hope to land. It is always to your benefit to have your engineering skills up-to-date and to keep up with the industry trends. Your hiring manager and engineering recruiter like to see that you have the unique qualifications and capabilities needed to spearhead change. When you go the extra mile by adopting new trends and technologies, potential employers see that you are out of the ordinary. Present yourself as an industry pioneer who is looking to make a difference and is striving to excel.

Your Portfolio
Having the necessary background and strong engineering skills is a great starting point to draw the attention of the interviewer and make it to the next round of the hiring process. Presenting your credentials is one side of the coin. Showcasing the value you bring to the table is the other. In your resume as well as during your interview, call attention to your engineering capabilities and talk to your accomplishments and the value you bring to the project and the organization. Engineering is about idea conception, designing, manufacturing and launching of a product. No matter if you are a permanent civil engineer, a hardware engineer or an engineering consultant, use tangible examples to talk about how you contributed to the engineering process.

Your Soft Skills
It is great to showcase with tangible examples that you have the engineering skills to fulfill the needs of an opportunity that comes your way. Increase your chances of success by proving that you have strong soft skills as well. Are you a team player? Do you understand project requirements and meet deadlines? How flexible are you when adapting to changing circumstances? Do you stick with projects from the beginning to the end and focus on positive outcomes? Make sure that in your resume or during your interview you clearly address questions like these that highlight your cultural profile.

Call In the Calvary
Call attention to your engineering capabilities by consulting with those who are experts in helping engineers make their case. Keep in mind that every job has its own requirements, and your engineering recruiter has valuable information that comes straight from the hiring manager. Your recruiter knows how to best advise you on how to hit the right points with your resume or during your interview. Take advantage of the strong client relationships and the industry knowledge and expertise that engineering recruiters have, and use them to your benefit.

Key Takeaways to Engineers: This Is How You Grab Attention:

  • Clearly demonstrate in your resume how your capabilities match with the client’s requirements
  • Highlight unique qualifications and capabilities that present you as an industry innovator
  • In your resume and during your interview, talk to your past achievements
  • Make sure that in your resume or during your interview you clearly refer to your soft skills
  • Work with an engineering recruiter on how to call attention to your engineering capabilities

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