To Life Sciences or Not To Life Sciences Consulting


By Matt Mason, Senior Delivery Manager

And the question stands. Is it time to make a shift in your career and go down the life sciences consulting path? Do you feel like direct hire is the suitable modus operandi for you? For many, making a decision is an arduous task, but the truth is that there is no right or wrong call when it comes to choosing. Every professional has their own career aspirations and idea of where they want to be. The great news is that life sciences offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for following either course. Take a look at a few of the benefits for accepting either contract or direct hire openings.

Contract Ushers Flexibility
The biotech industry is so vibrant that even if you hold a direct hire position and you work on a project from the early development stages to its final production, you are constantly exposed to creativity and innovation. You know beforehand the evolution of the project and what to expect. When you choose life sciences consulting though, you have the flexibility of working on phases and products with which you feel more familiar. If, for example, you feel like Phase 2 is the area where you excel, then becoming a life sciences consultant allows you to focus and gain expertise in those areas that interest you.

Direct Hire Creates Stability
Not everyone prefers volatility. Joining the life sciences industry as a life sciences consultant means that you are ready to be subject to a more volatile environment, especially if you are brought in to address and solve problems. On the contrary, working on SAS programming or clinical trial data management allows for a less “turbulent” presence in the industry. Instead of having to look for the next project when the one you work on is completed, direct hire positons reduce challenges and grant more balance.

Contract Means Challenge
Speaking of challenges, when you decide to adapt to life sciences consulting, you must know that you are going to come across many different types. A common pitfall that direct hire jobs entail is that they tend to lead to the stagnation of skills due to the repetition of processes. As a life sciences consultant, your qualifications are put to the test and you are asked to bring value to the table every single time. Every project you tackle is going to sharpen your abilities and allow you to advance in your field. Be mindful to choose quality over quantity, and don’t hesitate to take on opportunities that hone your consulting caliber.

Direct Hire Frames Career Success
As a life sciences consultant, you come and you go. It’s as simple as it sounds. You are brought in to work on projects that have an expiration date. Once you have achieved the desired goals, you have accomplished your mission and you are ready to look for the next challenge. There is no promotion or internal recognition. If you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder within your organization, then sticking with direct hire positions is the way to go. Working for your company for a long period of time and helping it grow is definitely going to boost your career growth.

Get an Answer
As said before, there is no right or wrong answer whether or not to embrace life sciences consulting. If you feel like you are out of your comfort zone in making such a decision, then the best thing to do is to seek advice from the experts. Get in touch with a life sciences recruiter and consult with them on which direction to take. They have the aptitude and proficiency to help you define success, based on your life sciences background and career aspirations. Listen to what your life sciences recruiter has to say and use it as a compass to your new horizons.

Key Takeaways To Life Sciences or Not To Life Sciences Consulting:

  • Working as a life sciences consultant offers flexibility of project choice
  • Working in direct hire positions allows for stability and business regularity
  • Life sciences consulting enables you to challenge your skills and gain more experience
  • Direct hire positions allow for career growth and advancement
  • Reach out to a life sciences recruiter to determine which career path fits you the best

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