Are you having difficulty finding qualified engineering professionals?

Tired of reviewing excessive quantities of resumes that should never have been sent to you?

Want to see new engineering candidates, not the same people repeatedly?


Engineering clients are constantly telling us that they experience tremendous difficulty finding qualified engineers. They reach out to engineering staffing firms to find these candidates, in addition to their own efforts.  What they receive are unqualified applicants leaving them to say “no” to the recruiter and then the process begins again. Additionally, clients are saying that they want to see new engineering candidates, not the ones they have already seen.

What should you expect?
You should expect that an engineering recruiting team attracts qualified candidates, identifies the superior engineering professionals to work with, determines the right candidates for your position and then brings you two to three superior candidates. Chances are, this is not what you are getting.

The Softworld Expectation
We are Softworld Engineering and our expertise is in staffing for engineering. We work with you to understand your needs and your environment. We have the depth of experience and the knowledge of the engineering market to be able to identify and attract the right candidates for you. We already work with amazing engineering professionals and are constantly attracting new professionals because our job is to recruit the talented professionals you need. We actively recruit for the candidates that you will need. Our nationwide recruiting process allows us to locate and attract the candidates that others won’t. We are focused on making the right match for your position and our candidates, not simply filling a role. This focus provides us an opportunity to manage the careers of our engineering professionals as well as exceed the expectations of our clients. Expect to see a difference.

  • You need qualified engineering professionals. We are forging relationships with engineering professionals every day.
  • You don’t want to spend all your time reviewing a plethora of resumes that do not fit. Our job is to make sure you see the engineers that are the correct match, not everyone.
  • You don’t want the same recirculated people. We are constantly building our candidate pool to ensure that we have the people you need, on demand.


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