Softworld appoints Alaina Manning as Director of Consultant Care to create and lead a new consultant experience.




February 3, 2017 - WALTHAM, MA, – Softworld has announced the launch of a new Consultant Care Program with the singular mission of enhancing the working experience for the 400+ consultants they have working across the country.  Softworld veteran, Alaina Manning, has been chosen to head up the new program.  The company was founded in 1995 with the fundamental belief that consultants are not a commodity but are truly a part of the Softworld team.  With 100% growth over the past few years, Softworld is committed to providing the resources required in order to maintain that ideal during their expansion.

“The impact of this program is wide-spread. It will cover all of our practice lines to include consultants in Information Technology, Banking, Government, Life Sciences, Engineering, and MSP Fulfillment. This program will ensure that our most important resource, Softworld Consultants, continue to feel connected to all areas of the company.” said Softworld CEO, David Teitelman

The Softworld Consultant Care Program will be led by Alaina Manning, a tenured Softworld employee and thought leader for the company. Alaina Manning joined Softworld in 2010 and has held multiple roles with the company, most recently as the Director of Talent Acquisition.  “Alaina is uniquely qualified for this role due to her institutional knowledge around Softworld consultants and clients. She has a tremendous understanding of all aspects of our services. We are looking forward to the impact she will deliver to our consultants in 2017 and beyond.” said Vice President of Recruiting and Delivery, Mark Finocchario. “Alaina has always been laser focused on providing a great experience to the consultants she works with.”

Softworld’s commitment to provide the best consultant experience possible was addressed at the program’s launch during Softworld’s annual company meeting in Boston.  Alaina Manning had this to say at the launch, “I am honored to work with Softworld Consultants and Softworld Alumni every day.  Taking care of our consultants is a core value of the company that starts at the top.  It is a driving force for everyone here. I am excited to build the internal processes and best practices that will continue to support our growing consultant base.”

About Softworld
Softworld is a staffing and consulting firm with the experience and infrastructure to support clients on a national level. Softworld has developed expertise across five distinct staffing and consulting practices over the past 20 years that include Technology Services, Life Sciences, Engineering, Government, and Banking.

Media Contact:
Mark Finocchario
Vice President of Delivery