Technology Staffing

Are you finding the right technology talent?

Are you receiving dozens of resumes for every position?

Do you find yourself wondering why your consulting firms are not proactive in candidate selection?

Beyond doing your normal day job, you also have hiring responsibility. Likely, you deal with a number of technology consulting firms and they receive your open positions and start firing off dozens of resumes that you have to review to find a candidate that may only be a partial fit.

Why can’t you:

  1. give your technology partners your open positions,
  2. then they qualify the position with you confirming their understanding of your needs, and
  3. then they send you only the most highly qualified technology candidates

Technology consulting is more than pairing an open position with a person. Understanding your critical needs is at the foundation of our practice. What are the critical needs of the project? What are the most important skills? We are going to send you just the right candidates, not dozens of resumes. After we understand your project, we leverage our vast network to attract the right person with the right certifications, skills, and budget. Let us show you the Softworld difference.

Our Clients Tell Us Their Primary Issues Are:

Technology Staffing

Skill Excellence

Hiring Excellence

Hiring Process

IT Staffing


Technology Recruiter


Our team of highly seasoned recruiters are specialized within disciplines and industries so that they truly know how to qualify the right candidates to your needs.

Our job is to identify specific candidates for you and send you three or four per position that we know are the right fit. We work within your fiscal considerations to locate the right resource from our vast network of technologists. We work with you and the technology consultant beyond hiring. Our White Hat program delivers consistent communication and reporting.

Our practice is built on the concept that you need fast results and need self-sufficient intelligent professionals and solutions that have been time tested. We are determined to prove different. Judge us, and judge everyone else.



IT Recruiter

Let us show you the Softworld difference.