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What Are You Looking For Out of Your Technology Consulting Career?

By Michael Pang, Delivery Manager

In a highly competitive work environment and in a quickly transforming technology world, it is imperative to stay current and on top of your technology consulting career.

What Are You Looking For Out of Your Technology Consulting Career?

What Technology Recruiters Are Looking for in Your Resume

By Alaina Manning, Recruiting Manager

Technology recruiters go over numerous resumes every day and will usually make a judgment within moments of review. As a result, technology recruiters look for key points to tell them the overall story of each candidate.

What Technology Recruiters Are Looking for in Your Resume

What Defines a Great Technical Interview

By Lindsay Simpson, Recruiting Manager

You finally got your interview set up and now you need to make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to meet with your technology recruiter or hiring manager. Knowing what makes a great technical interview is critical in landing a great IT position.

Technical Interview

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Standing Out to Technology Recruiters?

By, Tina Reddy, Recruiting Manager

Technology recruiters go through thousands of profiles trying to find the right candidates for their job openings. When you are in search of a technical role you need to demonstrate your skills and your ability to solve problems. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile in a way that stands out is how to build your personal brand and draw the attention of a technology staffing firm.

Technology Recruiters

Working Successfully with Your Technology Recruiter

By, Matt Petela, Delivery Manager

Working with a technology recruiter is the most efficient way to get noticed by professionals and locate great job opportunities that are otherwise hard to find. A technology recruiter gives you access to numerous contacts and positions, so it is essential that you build a trusted relationship with them.

Technology Recruiters

How to Prepare for Your Next Technology Job Interview

By, Jonathan Anderson, Delivery Services Manager

Preparing for an interview is essential to landing a new position. When you are asked to interview, you are expected to have done your research on the company and be prepared to answer questions.

Technology Staffing

Does Your Resume Reflect Your Technology Strengths?

By Holly Bajar, Senior Delivery Manager

Your resume is a brief description of your professional background; it is the summary of your technology career. Keep in mind that your resume is a marketing tool. Your goal is to make certain it highlights your skills, eliminates passive conversation and gives a concise picture of your strengths.

Show Resume Strengths

5 Ways to Attract IT Recruiters

By, Tina Reddy, Recruiting Manager

In order to maximize your chances of finding IT openings and landing that new technology job you have dreamed of, you need to stop being passive and put yourself out there. Simply applying to jobs and blindly sending out your resume is not going to obtain this for you.

Attract IT recruiters

Networking for Your Next Job

By Lindsay Simpson, Recruiting Manager

Networking and establishing professional relationships throughout your career is important, but when you are looking for a full-time job or a contract-to-hire consultant role, networking is essential. Whether you find yourself in the position of searching for an opportunity or you are simply thinking about making a new career move, good networking is key.

Networking For Your Next Job

Using Social Media to Your Advantage During the Job Search

By, Matthew Mason, Senior Delivery Manager

Using social media isn’t just about sharing personal photos and staying in touch with friends. Social media is a great weapon in a candidate’s effort to land a job. Many employers, technology staffing firms and IT recruiters use social media as a means to make the perfect match between a technology candidate and a job opening.

Using Social Media During Job Search