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How to Keep Your Technology Skills Up-to-Date while In Between Roles

By, Jonathan Anderson, Delivery Services Manager

With technology constantly moving and changing, it is important to keep up with technical changes in order to make sure that your technology skills don’t become obsolete. Being in between jobs makes that requirement essential for every technology professional who wants to be prepared for an increasingly competitive landscape.

Improve Your Technology Skills

5 Tips on Improving Your Leadership Skills in the Workplace

By, Mark Finocchario, Vice President, Client Delivery and Recruiting

Regardless if it is a large strategic initiative or a small tactical project, professionals have opportunities to be a leader in their organization every day. Leadership skills influence your career development and career path.

Improve Your Leadership Skills

5 Ways to Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

By, Tina Reddy, Recruiting Manager

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile, too long ago? You should be updating your profile frequently in order to get it to 100% complete and keep updating it as you receive new job positions.

Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile

Signs That It’s Time to be a Technology Consultant

By, Matthew Mason, Senior Delivery Manager

When was the last time you learned a new skill at your current job? Are you feeling as though you are only working for the money? Do you feel a lack of motivation in the workplace? Do you feel stuck in a workplace that doesn’t allow you to grow? Have you lost track of your career goals?

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Finding the Right Technology Recruiter for Your Career


By, Danielle McKenna, Delivery Manager

The Internet has certainly made it easier to search for jobs; however, it has made it harder to land a job position no matter what your level of seniority is. By searching for jobs online you are not only missing out on the entire open job market, but competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other resumes. Why not work with another human being who is able to be your career advocate and guide you through a successful career?

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Technology Recruiting Tips: Making a Great First Impression at Your New Job


By, Alaina Manning, Recruiting Manager

First impressions are always important and the reality is people make an assumption about you within the first few seconds you meet. These snap judgments turn into long-term perceptions that impact your technology career and success at that company. In order to prevent making a negative first impression, take a look at these ways to be sure you make a great first impression at your new technology job.

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Benefits to Creating a LinkedIn Profile


By, Patrick Dean, Sr. Delivery Manager

Whether you are a recent graduate or a top executive, creating a professionally written LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity to open new doors and network within or outside of your industry. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, LinkedIn is a business focused networking service that one creates once they have established professional experience. It’s a place where recruiters and hiring managers go to both find candidates and look deeper into their past experiences.

Job Board vs. The Recruiter


By, Michael Moutsoulas, Lead Delivery Manager -Engineering

When you are looking to apply to jobs, most candidates first thought is to check out job boards and send their resume online; however, many candidates end up never hearing back from a hiring manager and their resume is simply lost in the Internet abyss. When working with recruiters, resumes are not only sent directly to the hiring manager, but the resumes are highly filtered to be sure that a qualified candidate has been found beyond the resume.

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Key Questions You Should be Asking During Your Job Interview


By, Lindsay Simpson, Recruiting Manager

We all know how intimidating and rigorous job interviews should be; however, it’s crucial to remember that job interviews are a two way street – it is just as important for you to be interviewing them as they interview you. There are questions every candidate should be prepared to ask the interviewer to ensure that working with this company is going to be the right fit for you.

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Is Your Resume Tailored to Enhance Your Technology Career?


By, Jonathan Anderson, Delivery Services Manager

Before each company that you interview with, do you tailor your resume to match that job position at that specific company? Are you working with a recruiter to find a new position? When working with one of Softworld’s recruiters, you are guaranteed to have a tailored resume that is going to stand out to hiring managers and help get your next job. Remember that a resume is not a long description of every job you have ever had, but a tool to get your next job and enhance your career.

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