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Benefits to Working With A Technology Recruiter


By, Mark Finocchario, Vice President, Client Delivery and Recruiting

Are you tired of spending endless hours on your job search with no results? Have you ever considered working with a recruiter? Working with a recruiter provides a number of benefits for job seekers from having an advocate for your career to access to the hidden job market; working with a recruiter ensures career success.


Welcome to Softworld

By, David Teitelman, Chairman, CEO & President

At Softworld, we don’t just tell our clients and candidates what we’re going to do and what we want to do for them, but we actually do it. We are going to deliver top talent candidates and be the experts they need throughout their careers. We are the firm that is not going to waste our clients or candidates time. Our focus is putting the right people together. We never try to fit a square peg in a round hole, rather we work hard to develop long lasting relationships, bringing our candidates and clients together into fulfilling opportunities.