What challenges do you have on the projects you have won?

How are you handling recompetes?

Where do you turn for the needed cleared talent?


We understand the challenging needs of working with the government. From winning bids to recompetes to dynamic certification requirements to rate changes, our clients face the challenge of attracting the right talent to work on their mission critical projects. Our clients tell us that they have a range of concerns from budget to clearance to location to value. The fact is that they need a partner that delivers across the spectrum.

Technology consulting is more than pairing an open position with a person. Understanding your critical needs is at the foundation of our practice. What are the critical needs of the project? What clearances are required? What is the timeframe and location of the project? After we understand your project, we leverage our vast network to attract the right person with the right certifications, skills, location and budget. Let us show you the Softworld difference.

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Technology Staffing


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Technology Recruiter


We work within your budgets to locate the right resource from our vast network of technologists.

We are able to provide technologists with:
  • Confidential
  • Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
  • Public Trust
Our network allows us to offer technologists across clearance levels and across the country. We work with you and the technology consultant beyond hiring. Our White Hat program delivers consistent communication and reporting to our clients and consultants.

What should you expect?

You have specialized needs for technology knowledge, clearances, and location. You need talented technology professionals that come to the table with a proven level of success and background. You need a technology consulting partner that understands the needs of providing technologists within the government sector. You should expect responsiveness, speed of delivery and quality.

Our practice is built on the concept that you need fast results and need self-sufficient intelligent professionals and solutions that have been time tested. Others say these things and sadly, you know they don’t mean it. We are determined to prove different. Let us show you the Softworld difference. Judge us, and judge everyone else.


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Let us show you the Softworld difference?